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The Deluxe Sit on Top kayak has been designed in the UK and isn’t just for kayakers. This versatile craft also doubles up as a fishing kayak using the included fittings for an optional fishing Rod Holder #4018 which can be found here. The Deluxe Sit on Top kayak is suitable for paddlers of any ability and provides an easy to manoeuvre ride. This is thanks to the built in keel that run the length of the hull and a removable skeg for better tracking.

The Deluxe Sit on Top kayak includes two storage hatches ideal for keeping essentials and valuables safe whilst out paddling. There is also a moulded handle at the front end of the kayak for secure storage if locked up outside.

The Deluxe Sit on Top kayak comes complete with a Folding Kayak Paddle #3009 and a Backrest #4017. This ensures the paddles will be comfortable when out on the water.

Additional features include a central drinks holder, six drainage holes spaced throughout the kayak and several footrest points for added comfort when paddling. There are also side carry handles with paddle holders and a number of D-rings which can be used to secure paddles leashes or other similar items. The rear bungee storage area ideal storage for a trolley including the #4023 which can be found here.

The Deluxe Sit on Top kayak is stable on flat waters plus the curvature and rocker of the hull mean it also performs great in the sea and in waves.

The Deluxe Sit on Top kayak is made of a proprietary blended polymer which principal component is polyethylene. We select our colour range carefully to mitigate any potential colour fade over time and use UV stable pigments. The core hull is a rotomoulded one piece mould ensuring the best possibly buoyancy and rigidity. This kayak comes with a user’s guide which includes details of the full one-year manufacturer’s warranty we offer.

Dimensions        Length: 286cm   Width: 77cm       Height: 26cm      Weight: 20kg      Capacity: 160kg


✔ Strong moulded PE Hull

✔ Durable and stable

✔ Integrated footrests

✔ Optional Rod Holder attachment fittings

✔ Side carry handles and paddle holders

✔ Twist off storage hatch

*Please note that the style and colour of the paddle shown may vary*

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